These are the Rules and Policies for The Hunting Wiki, as well as all rules for your character and such.

All the Main PointsEdit

  • No Vandalism or Spam/Trolling/Flaming
  • Harassing other users or admins.
  • Cursing is allowed, but to an extent, same as sexual/porn (which I don't know why you'd have that here anyway..). Damn, Hell, and Ass are allowed. Exceptions for others can be made.
  • Making fun of religion, or race, or such.

Failure of any of those rules being followed can result in ban by an administrator for the appropriate time.

Chat RulesEdit

Wiki chat is a privilage, but also where most hunting goes on.

  • Cursing: Damn, Hell, and Ass. Same rules as the Wiki rules.
  • Spam/Trolling: None.
  • Don't use all caps, it is hunting anyway usually and you don't need yelling so all bait goes away, and if it isn't an RP, still not allowed, PMing doesn't count for really any rule except harassing.
  • RPing main space without a patrollers (Mods, Admins such) permission. Small simple hunting RP's are allowed anytime, unless someone says so.

Role-Play RulesEdit

These rules are to be followed when Role-Playing.

  • Your character is automatically in the Pro Hunters of America club, but if you say otherwise, consult a patroller (admin).
  • No 'Overpowering'. Machine Guns, gernades, any war weapon or super weapon are not allowed in RP (exceptions are made). This isn't war, it is hunting and fishing.
  • Please be fair when hunting, don't start any arguments of such. As stated above, DO NOT over-power while hunting.
  • TBA.