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Like to Role-play about huntin'? Well bring yo ass down to the Huntin' Wiki!! Here you can Role-play 'bout huntin, all kinds 'o animals, in all kinds 'o locations.

Slogan: Good Huntin'!


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  • October 9th 2012: This wiki was founded by SupremeLegacy, and Supreme Kuzon was made an Administrator.
  • December 22nd 2012: Be careful out there on them roads, it's winter they're pretty icy! Good huntin'!

Weekly Swarm

This is the weekly swarm of animals that be on a specific location.

The swarm was wild Hogs last seen around Salt Lake City, Utah. I'd be out there huntin' if I were you, before they're all gone!

Weekly Hunt

The weekly Huntin' games, or course.

The Weekly hunt, is White Tail and getting the biggest one. The winner wins a Pro Remington rifle, and $300. Get huntin'!


For all new and veteran Role-Players, look torwards these main pages:


North and South Carolina map. The map of the world of the Hunting wiki RP.

Shoot of the Week

This is the shoot 'o the week. Good shootin.

Hunter of the Week

Hunter 'o the week. Good job there.

Erick Conley is this weeks hunter. Nice work.

Photo and Video of the Week

This is the huntin' photo 'o the week. Enjoy.

Erick Conley

Erick with a a deer he killed!

This is the Video. Enjoy.

Whitetail Deer Hunting, Buck Kill 2011, NY

Whitetail Deer Hunting, Buck Kill 2011, NY


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