James Conley (March 5th 1892 - April 16th 1970) was the 3rd generation

The Conley Family (c. 1925) James is the man on the left. Slim is the small one next to him.

Pro Hunters of America leader (1915 - 1938). James, not known much about, was a fearsome white tail hunter in the 1910s and 20s. He is the father of Slim Conley (1919 - 1982).

James' father is Christopher Conley (1879 - 1955), grandfather Edward Conley (1851 - 1942), and his son is Slim Conley, who James had in 1919. In 1938, James passed the title of PHA leader to Slim, because he wanted to and thought he was old enough. James died in early 1970 from a double heart attack.

He had 6 children; Stanley (1915 - 1978), Mary (1916 - 1988), John (1918 - 1947), Sara (1919 - 1990), Slim, John (1921 - 1965) and Edward (1924 - 1944). 

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