Erick Conley (September 7th 1985 - December 22nd 2012) was the main Role-Playing character of SupremeLegacy. He is leader of Pro Hunters of America. He died of unknown reasons at the age of 27. He is the son of Samuel Conley (born 1971) and father of Jack R. Conley (born 2000).
Erick Conley

Erick with a a deer he killed!


Erick's sorta distant from other hunters, he rarely talks. Mostly to one's he trusts. He is never wild, he knows when, and when not to shoot while hunting, he is very very mature... Although he is 27 years old. He stays close to his team, only talking to them every once in a while.


These ar the weapons he uses, in order of choice of use.

  • Hands
  • Hunting Rifle (Equiped with a scope)
  • Small Pistol

    Erick's two dogs, Nila(Closes to screen) and Howie(Farthest from screen).

  • Big Ole' Guttin' Knife


None yet.


None yet.

How his rifle looks.



  • Some Home-Made Beef Jerky
  • Home-Made Orange Juice
  • Water

Camping ItemsEdit

  • Cold Resistant Tent
  • Sleepin' bag
  • Home-Knitted Blanket

    Erick's Jeep he uses for Huntin'.


  • 5 Seater Jeep

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